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INDO SURF & LINGO 25th Anniversary


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includes $500 worth of free discount vouchers

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Indo Surf & Lingo is The #1 Original Surfer's Guidebook to Indonesia. The First in 1992, and the only one updated every year for 25 years. With over 100,000 copies sold, it's earned a justified reputation as "The Indo Surfer's Bible". This new updated 2016 edition contains everything you need to make your trip easy, fun and rewarding.

Tracks Magazine wrote: "The best advice I was given when travelling to Indo for the first time was “Buy Indo Surf and Lingo"!

ASL Australia's Surfing Life wrote:  
"This legendary guide
book is the best $35 you'll invest on your trip, the only one you'll need."

"If you're going to surf in Indo, you need this book!"
"Be prepared - know before you go!"



  • New Trip Planner helps you plan the right trip for your surfing level - learner, intermediate, weekend longboarder, or advanced tube rider.
  •'s #1 Best Selling Indonesia surfing guidebook
  • 188 Pages of essential up-to-date information you can rely on
  • Newest Update: January 2016 - other guidebooks can be years out of date! *Don't buy a 5 or 10 year old out-of-date alternative.
  • 200 classic colour lineup surf photos
  • Complete Surf Spot information so you'll be totally prepared: Bali, Sumatra, Mentawais, Nias, Java, G-Land, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor
  • Surf Camps and Yacht Tours - fully updated 2016 email list
  • Learn to Surf - Schools, Board hire, Surfshops, Discount Vouchers
  • Bali Discount Vouchers worth over $500. You will definitely save far more than the book costs -  you get free drinks in Bali restaurants, discounts from surf clothing shops, yacht tours, resorts, board hire, surf lessons and surf camps. If you're going to Indo, you can't lose!
  • Best value Hotels, Losmen, Restaurants - from backpacker to luxury
  • Transport and Travel Tips to save you unnecessary hassles
  • Indo Surf Treasure Map, Island Maps and Surf Seasons
  • Health, Money and Food explained clearly
  • Airport Survival, how to avoid Scams and Rip-offs
  • Language tips to get great bargains and make friends with the Locals
  •  Free Bonus - Order online now to receive Thousands of Dollars worth of exclusive Surf Camp and Yacht Tour Discounts in our Hot Deals newsletter - free with every book ordered online! You will definitely SAVE HEAPS!
  • Free Bali Tide Charts - download here



Tracks Magazine wrote: "This is Indonesia’s most comprehensive surfing guidebook - an amazing book of wisdom with fantastic photos. It’s the quintessential indo surf guide, providing all the knowledge needed for a hassle-free, surf-rich tour. This nifty little production has helped countless travellers on their Indo sojourns. And this definitive new edition gives a great selection of invaluable travel tips to make your search so much easier! It's as important as your sunscreen, surfboard and reef booties if you are travelling to Indo this year"
ASL Australia's Surfing Life wrote:  
"This guide's become
THE adopted Indo Surfer's Bible for surfers heading to Indo on the hunt for perfect waves. At around the cost of a carton of beer, you'd be a goose to step onto Indo soil without a copy. So buy it, eh!"
ALB Australian Longboarder wrote: 
"There's no doubt - this latest updated edition is THE Definitive Surfers' Guide to Indonesia, a must-have for the first-time visitor and seasoned veteran alike. Don't leave home without it!" . 
The crew from Mentawai Surf Cats wrote: 
“Thanks soooo much! We found your book absolutely THE most important resource for travelling Indonesia there is. Without the helpful insights in your book, our surf charter business probably wouldn't even exist. The best memories of my life so far were travelling through Indonesia on the greatest surf journey ever, and of course with Indo Surf and Lingo by my side!"
Surf Life for Women, USA wrote: 
"The ultimate travel resource for anyone going to Indonesia. Crams everything you need into one glossy publication. This book is a definite must have. If you've never been to Indonesia, and you want to do it right, "Indo Surf and Lingo" is the perfect travel companion."


We're stoked that you're stoked! Thousands of Happy Customers emailed to thank us over the last 25 years:

"The book is insane. It has everything I needed to know, and when I'm on the plane in 5 days flying to Bali, I'll know that I am very, very well prepared."
"I am so impressed with this book. Definitely worth the price. It really made planning my trip easy. It covers everything - surf spots, hotels, restaurants, travel tips. It's actually 1,000 times better than I expected!""
"We had a fantastic trip and your book made a huge difference. Every day we'd say "What does the book say?" Then we'd surf the right places at the right tides, at breaks that matched our ability. It really made the whole trip just so much better"
"This book has a bloody awesome reputation. All my mates told me it's a must have. And they were bloody right. It really made my trip!"
"I read the book all weekend. It's EXACTLY what I've been after. I'll recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Bali, whether it be first or tenth time. Once again, thanks a lot!"
"Your book amped me up straight away. A totally awesome book! You really have put together a great deal of valuable information along with mind-blowing photos".
"I had been to Bali 3 times without the book, and now once with it, and it made my experience immeasurably better. The chart showing size of waves at all locations meant I could easily find relatively uncrowded waves that matched my ability, even in the school holidays. Thank you for your great book!
"Four months in Indo, and my Indo Surf & Lingo was absolutely critical, especially in the Mentawai's and Sumatra as few people spoke English. The language and 'Where to Surf Today' sections were worth the price of the book alone."
"Just got back from my first Indo trip and wanted to let you know your book was a fantastic help. It made the holiday. It is a rare thing when everything you read in a book is true. Everything was exactly the way you describe. From the surf line-ups, breaks, crowds, tide influences, people, food recommendations, language... everything! You have done a great job cramming so much info into the book, and all of it was spot on!"

"The book is AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL! Fabulous! I probably won't get anything else done today as I'll be reading it cover to cover!"

"Congratulations on putting together such an informative and practical guide. My husband just about licked every page of the surfing section, and I had my nose constantly stuck in the language section."
"Great information, invaluable especially the areas non-surf related, i.e. language, political situation etc that are often left out in surfing guides. I am quite sure I will have a fabulous time in Indonesia thanks to your guide book and website information. Well done on a highly professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Indo Surf & Lingo to others travelling to Indonesia."
"This book is completely ballistic and full of stoke." 
"Thanks for publishing such a helpful awesome book that's loaded with heaps of great info"
"I bought your Indo book last year and reckon it is great. I keep it by my bed and when I need to get off the planet I pick it up and read it"
"I want to congratulate you on such an affordable, informative, detailed and picturesque package. I read through a lot of it last night and must admit I had some long, hollow, sweet dreams."





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