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G-Land (Grajagan, East Java) is the most consistent left-hand barrel in the world. Guaranteed head high waves every day for months during the surf season. Hundred metre rides are the short ones. The book lists all details on the only surf camps with permits to access G-Land's remote national park.  >> ORDER NOW

Experience living in a bamboo tree-house on the edge of the jungle. Perfect waves barrel relentlessly along the reef. All the stories you have heard are true!

TIDE CHARTS  - G-Land Tide Charts are available for $5 a month

Tracks Magazine wrote:

"This is Indonesia’s most comprehensive surfing guidebook - an amazing book of wisdom with fantastic photos. This nifty little production has helped countless travellers on their Indo sojourns. This definitive new edition gives a great selection of invaluable travel tips to make your search so much easier!"


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Photos: with Thanks to: John Hepler, Surf Travel Online, Dick Hoole