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 The Best Surf Schools in Bali Indonesia

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Bali is an ideal place to learn to surf. The book tells you where to find safe sandy beaches ideal for learners, and easier reef breaks for intermediate surfers. There is complete information on Surf Schools, where to Rent Surfboards, cheap accommodation and cafes near the beach. 

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"The Ten Commandments of Surfing"
Hints for Learners by Peter Neely

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Surf Life for Women, USA wrote:

"The ultimate travel resource for anyone going to Indonesia. Crams everything you need into one glossy publication. This book is a definite must have. If you've never been to Indonesia, and you want to do it right, "Indo Surf and Lingo" is the perfect travel companion."

Tracks Magazine wrote:

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SURFING Tip #1. GO TO INDO. Every year without fail. Take 50 bucks out of your pay each week (trust me, you won't miss it) and come every June, you'll have two and a half grand to get barrelled in Indo. You'll have plenty of time to plan the trip, and the money seemingly appears out of thin air. Or instead of going to Indo, you could always blow the 50 bucks on booze and pokies, and end up surfing frigid slop back home every winter in a steamer.   


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Great spot for learning to surf in an authentic Java fishing village: Good all year for all surfers. Longboards, less-experienced, even learners will enjoy the fun, smaller waves, fresh seafood cafes, relaxing ricefields and countryside.
The beachside SUNRISE Resort Batu Karas has luxury suites & rooms for all budgets - solo, couples or families. Best surf usually arrives January to April, but all year can be fun for learners


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