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The book gives you all the detailed, essential info you need on surf spots all over Indonesia. Our indispensable Bali Wave Size Prediction Chart will help you find the very best surf in Bali on any swell or wind conditions - it answers the daily question "Where will we surf today?" 

If it's too big at your favourite spot for example, the Chart tells you how big it will be at most other Bali breaks, so you can choose where to surf according to your abilities and experience - so easy!

The exclusive Bali Wave Size Prediction Chart is only in Indo Surf & Lingo


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Waves Magazine wrote: 
"An invaluable travel companion. There’s even an ingenious Chart that predicts wave size at every reef break in Bali based on the size of the beach breaks out the front of the Kuta hotels. Worth the price of the book alone! Helps you crack a mindless variety of insane waves from Bali to Java, Sumatra, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and Timor"

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Photos thanks to Mark Newsham, John Hepler, John Bilderback - Pondok Kencana Resort

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